Welcome to Tosa Yoga Center!

Tosa Yoga was always meant to be a place where people are welcome to just show up “as they are right now.” I always hoped that people would feel that as soon as they walk in the door. One of the biggest compliments I receive is when people come in, let out a big breath and say, “I’m really glad I’m here.”

My own inspiration for teaching comes from these wonderful individuals. I have learned so much and gained so much from them—more than most will ever know. I feel very fortunate to be the owner of Tosa Yoga, but even more—just to be a part of this special place. 

E-RYT500, Owner, Tosa Yoga, LLC

5 Class “Chili’n” Pass for $45!

Only available today, Saturday, October 12th, from 11am-8pm
2-month expiration from date of purchase & no transfers.