Teacher Training Q&A

We recommend you have at least six months of consistent practice under your belt before signing up. More importantly, you should have a sincere desire to deepen your own practice and experience, and/or a true desire to share yoga through teaching.

Please refer to the school catalog for all costs and payment options.

Ideally, yes. We understand that there may be important family events already scheduled, and emergencies do happen; don’t let the fear of having to miss a class hinder you from signing up. If you must miss a class, you’ll be required to make up the missed hours (there are a couple of ways to do this). It’s to your benefit to attend all of the sessions if possible.

We can accommodate up to twenty students in our training class.

Myself (Melanie Landgraf, owner of Tosa Yoga Center), Lauren Croal and Elise Krause have over 25 years of combined experience practicing and teaching yoga; we’ll be instructing the majority of the course and you can find our biographies in the school catalog. Guest instructors may present to the group from time to time.

No. Definitely not. You’ll learn the proper mechanics of these postures, as well as techniques to help you practice and teach them if you wish.

You’ll find the complete reading list, including required and recommended reading in the school catalog. Your Tosa Yoga Center Teacher Training Program manual will be provided at the beginning of the program.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion for our 200 Hour Tosa Yoga Center Teacher Training Program, which is certified by the Yoga Alliance and approved by the Wisconsin Education Approval Board. You’ll need this certificate to apply for your 200 hour status with Yoga Alliance annually.

I like to think about the response to this question in three parts.

  1. You can expect to learn how to create a really good yoga class that is purposeful and effective. When you teach, your yoga students will know you have put time, effort and care into planning the class. And, you will feel prepared to teach it.
  2. You will have the opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Yoga Teacher Training can be about self exploration as well. It’s about taking this year to not only learn how to teach yoga, but how to apply its teachings to your life in a way that is beneficial to you.
  3. You will create wonderful friendships with people who are immersed in this process right with you along the way. Every year, I love seeing the connections people make as they take this journey together.

The homework requirements are readings each month from the Program Manual and other required texts, typically creating one lesson plan a month, and practicing and practice-teaching postures and sequences at home. Students are asked to attend two classes per month with Melanie (which are free for the duration of the program) and to practice yoga at home 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. At the end of the program, there is a final paper, an open-book final exam, and a practical teaching exam.

Our students have said that the workload is very manageable. They have said that it makes you commit to practicing yoga more often, and you feel great because of it! They feel like they are encouraged to spend more time on themselves also. A big part of this program is about self-exploration—on the physical level, learning about the postures and how the body moves, but also on deeper mental/emotional levels.

Yes! Many of our current teacher trainees did not have a desire to teach when they started. Many people simply want to learn more about yoga. But, when you learn how to teach a subject you learn much more about that subject, and, yoga is no exception. Not surprisingly, many of the trainees in this year’s program have discovered that they really love teaching yoga!

I can’t really speak for other teacher training programs, but I can say that the teachers and I have worked really hard putting this program together. We give 100% each weekend and work with student feedback to continue to fine tune the details. We absolutely love this program and love working with our teacher trainees. We consider it an honor to be a part of their journey.